Book/DVD | Anne Bean | March 2006

Published by Matt's Gallery in association with Artsadmin with support from firstsite. A visual feast of images from performances with essays by Guy Brett, Sally O'Reilly and Miria Swain, and a DVD of Shadow Deeds. ISBN 0-970623-51-4

Dance Theatre Journal: What if...

Book | Lucy Cash | 2011

This is a special issue of Dance Theatre Journal responding to What if...which took place in April 2010, throughout the Siobhan Davies Studios in London. Contributors; Lucy Cash, Helena Blaker, Rachel Lois Clapham, Becky Edmunds, Ken Grimes, Nik Haffner, Claudia Kappenberg, Lizzy Le Quesne, Kyra Norman, THeron Schmidt, Olivia Swift, Litó Walkey, Chirstinn Whyte, Sarah Wood, Marisa Zanotti. Published by Trinity Laban Vol 24 No.1 2011.

Darwin Originals

DVD | Eight 3-minute films

Series of films by Ackroyd & Harvey, Bobby Baker, Anne Bean, Lucy Cash, Curious, Graeme Miller, Henry Montes and Lemn Sissay.

Darwin Originals Postcard Set

A set of nine postcards, one from each of the eight Darwin Originals films plus a series card. Send to friends or keep as souveniers. The postcards form a set, featuring still images from each of the films by Ackroyd & Harvey, Bobby Baker, Anne Bean, Lucy Cash, Curious, Graeme Miller, Henry Montes and Lemn Sissay.


DVD | La Ribot | 63 Minutes | 2004

  • French, Spanish and English spoken. French, English, Spanish, German subtitles.
  • An intimate portrait of this key contemporary artist and her work, this DVD focuses on La Ribot's 'distinguished pieces': 13 Piezas distinguidas, Mas distinguidas, Still distinguished and finally Panoramix, the culmination of these three series' which reorganises and redistributes the 34 'distinguished pieces'.

Essences of London

DVD | Curious | 90 minutes | 2004

A composite portrait of London which captures the essences of city life through the sense of smell. Hundreds of Londoners were interviewed about their personal smell associations including workers in aromatic trades such as cobblers, fishmongers, florists, bakers, chemists and refuse collectors. Also includes documentation of On the Scent, a live performance by Leslie Hill, Helen Paris and Lois Weaver.

Goat Island: A Last, A Quartet

DVD | Lucy Cash & Goat Island | 49 Min | 2012

Four uniquely cinematic films by Lucy Cash and Goat Island: It's Aching Like Birds, Dark, Daynightly They re-school you The Bears-Polka and A Last, A Quartet. Shot on 16mm film in Chicago and UK, each work is both independent of and a companion to the last three live performances by Goat Island: It's An Earthquake In My Heart; When Will The September Roses Bloom / Last Night Was Only A Comedy and The Lastmaker. DVD includes a booklet of photographs by John W. Sisson and essays by David Williams and Theron Schmidt. Price is for institutions to buy as an individual at £12.50 call 020 7650 2350

Invisible Dances

Book | Bock & Vincenzi | 2004

On the 20th March 2003, in a 'dark' theatre in London's West End, Bock & Vincenzi presented invisible dances… from afar: a show that will never be shown. With texts by Fiona Templeton, James Brown, Rose English and Martin Hargreaves. Photographs by Henrik Thorup Knudsen,designed by Lewis Nicholson, published by Artsadmin. ISBN: 0-9524337-1-0

Lost & found

DVD | Curious | 39 Minutes | 2005

Directed by Leslie Hill & Helen Paris. Filmed on location at Lost Property, Baker Street; the Black Country, West Midlands and Shanghai, China. Three films exploring the volatile, capricious nature of change in three very different environments. Lost Property, Lost & Found and Red Lantern House

Mare's Nest

DVD | Station House Opera | 75 Minutes | 2003

Filmed at Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France. Mare's Nest is an intriguing mix of filmed and live action. Four people and their life size video doubles inhabit a real and imaginary, half-physical and half-virtual space, often occupying both at once. Mare's Nest is a play about double, triple and quadruple lives interacting in the complex, augmented space where architecture and video meet.


DVD | 30 Minutes

Documentation of the PAVES year, edited by: Anne Bean and Chris Bishop. PAVES was a year long collaboration between five female aritists from Croatia, Israel, Kurdistan-Iraq, Northern Ireland and the UK that culminated in a process-based performance at the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow in March 2010. The artists were Poshya Kakl, Anne Bean, Vlasta Delimar, Efi Ben-David, Sinead O’Donnell

Performance & Place

Book | Curious | 2006 | Palgrave Macmillan

This book explores sites of contemporary performance and the notion of place. It examines how we experience performance's many and varied sites as part of the fabric of the art work itself, whether institutional or transient, real or online. Half of the essays are by artists who speak directly from their own experience of placing performance outside of conventional spaces; half are by academics who reflect critically on place and placelessness. ISBN 1-4039-4504-7

Performing Difference

Book | 2004 | Published by Artsadmin

  • Performing Difference features 14 artists supported by our Artists' Bursary scheme from 1998-2002. Including Jananne Al-Ani, Leo Asemota, Oreet Ashery, Zarina Bhimji, Ansuman Biswas, Sonia Boyce, Marisa Carnesky, Robin Deacon, Kazuko Hohki, Maria Kheirkhah, Mem Morrison, Peter Reder, Zineb Sedira, Delroi Williams. Edited by Manick Govinda, text by Rohini Malik Okon. ISBN 0-9524337-2-9

Roadmetal, Sweetbread

DVD | Station House Opera | 70 Minutes | 2005

Using video images and live performance, Roadmetal, Sweetbread is concerned with the mismatches that occur between people: the differences between our private thoughts and behaviour, the success and failure of our conscious selves to deal with our physical predicaments. Filmed at the Maison de la Culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre, France.

Station House Opera Jigsaw

The perfect gift for the Art lover who has everything! Buy a present for your discerning friends or just for yourself - the Station House Jigsaw Puzzle - 315 wonderful pieces, ideal for adults, children and swine flu patients. 40 x 28 cm. Comes in a smart black gift box (175 x 125 x 37mm)

Still Life

Book | Franko B | 2003

Still Life considers the notion of 'still life', from a range of formal and conceptual perspectives; the 'still life' of fine art traditions, the 'still life' of the body as sculpture, the 'still life' of sleep and the 'still life' of a life that seems to go nowhere. Text by Tim Etchells, published by Black Dog. ISBN1-901033-22-8

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